Staging - A Wise Investment

Design that sells your house faster and for more money!

With the use of existing or rented furnishings, updated neutral tones and cost effective updates, homes are transformed into hot real estate listings.

In today’s market, putting more money into a property you are trying to sell may seem like a bad idea. Yet, it may be the most profitable strategy of all. The longer a house sits on the market, the longer it incurs monthly carrying costs, (mortgage, tax, insurance, utilities). In most cases, the house will fall prey to a price reduction.

Why Home Staging Works

Sellers are emotionally attached to their homes. A professional “eye” sees outside the box and provides sellers with valuable tools which will get their house sold faster and for more money.

First impressions are made within seconds! 90% of buyers search for listing online making professional photos very compelling. The result is a buyer visualizing themselves living in the house!!

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